Chinese Aircraft Carrier, Missile Cruiser and 1000 Marines Move to Syria

As US President Barack Obama welcomed Chinese President Xi Jinping to the White House on Friday, Sept. 25, and spoke of the friendship between the two countries, the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning-CV-16 docked at the Syrian port of Tartus, accompanied by a guided missile cruiser. This is revealed exclusively by DEBKAfile.
Beijing is not finding it hard to dance at two weddings, wooing the US for better relations, while at the same time backing Russia in its military intervention in Syria. Coupled with the warm smiles and handshakes exchanged at the lavish reception on the White House lawn, Beijing was clearly bent on showing muscle – not just in the South China Sea, but by allying itself with the Russian-Iranian political and military buildup in support of Syrian President Bashar Assad and his regime.
DEBKAfile’s military sources report that the Chinese aircraft carrier passed through the Suez Canal on Sept. 22, one day after the summit in Moscow between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.
When they talked, Putin made no mention of the Chinese warship entering the eastern Mediterranean or its destination. Its arrival has upended the entire strategic situation surrounding the Syrian conflict, adding a new global dimension to Moscow and Tehran’s military support for Assad.
This was grasped at length by US Secretary of State John Kerry. On Sept. 25, he sent Under Secretary of State Wendy Sherman, who also led the US negotiating team for the nuclear talks with Iran, to announce that the Obama administration is ready for dialogue with Iran about the situation in Syria, and this topic would be raised when Kerry’s met Iranian Foreign Minister Muhammad Jawad Zarif in New York on Sept. 26.
But if the top US diplomat hoped to bypass the Russian initiative in Syria by going straight to Tehran, he was too late. Iran is already moving forward fast to augment its military presence in the war-torn country, buttressed by the ground, air and sea support of two world powers, Russia and China.
This turn of evens has a highly detrimental effect on Israel’s strategic and military position. It also strengthens Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in his determination to turn the nuclear deal concluded in July into a tool for isolating the US politically, militarily and economically in the Middle East, rather than a milestone on the road to a breakthrough in ties with Iran, as the Obama administration had hoped.
Our military sources find evidence that the Chinese forces are digging in for a prolonged stay in Syria. The carrier put into Tartus minus its aircraft contingent. The warplanes and helicopters should be in place on its decks by mid-November – flying in directly from China via Iran or transported by giant Russian transports from China through Iranian and Iraqi airspace.
This explains the urgency of establishing a Russian-Syria-Iranian “military coordination cell” in Baghdad in the last couple of days. This mechanism, plus the Russian officers sighted in Baghdad, indicates that the Russian military presence is not limited to Syria but is beginning to spill over into Iraq as well.
The coordination cell – or war room – was presented as necessary to begin working with Iranian-backed Shiite militias fighting the Islamic State in both places. But more immediately, it is urgently needed to control the heavy traffic of Russian, Iranian and Chinese military flights transiting Iraqi air space.
Our sources report that the Chinese will be sending out to Syria a squadron of J-15 Flying Shark fighters, some for takeoff positions on the carrier’s decks, the rest to be stationed at the Russian airbase near Latakia. The Chinese will also deploy Z-18F anti-submarine helicopters and Z-18J airborne early warning helicopters. In addition, Beijing will consign at least 1,000 marines to fight alongside their counterparts from Russia and Iran against terrorist groups, including ISIS.
DEBKAfile’s counterterrorism sources point out that just as Russian marines will be instructed to single out rebel militias with recruits from Chechnya and the Caucasus, the Chinese marines will seek out and destroy Uighur fighters from the northern predominantly Muslim Chinese province of Xinjiang.
In the same way that Putin has no wish to see the Chechen fighters back in Russia, so too Chinese President Xi wants to prevent the Uighurs from returning home from the Syrian battlefields.

The Best Yogi Berra Tribute

Yogi Berra, an American story


George Will
By George Will
Published Sept. 24, 2015

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The 18-year-old U.S. Navy enlistee, thinking it sounded less boring than the dull training he was doing in 1944, volunteered for service on what he thought an officer had called “rocket ships.” Actually, they were small, slow, vulnerable boats used as launching pads for rockets to give close-in support for troops assaulting beaches.

The service on those boats certainly was not boring. At dawn on June 6, 1944, that sailor was a few hundred yards off Omaha Beach. Lawrence Peter Berra, who died Tuesday at 90, had a knack for being where the action was.

Because he stood — when he stood; as a catcher, he spent a lot of time crouching at baseball’s most physically and mentally demanding position — 5 feet 7 inches, he confirmed the axiom that the beauty of baseball is that a player does not need to be 7 feet tall or 7 feet wide. The shortstop during Yogi’s first Yankee years was an even smaller Italian American, 150-pound Phil Rizzuto, listed at a generous 5 feet 6.

Yogi had, sportswriter Allen Barra says (in “Yogi Berra: Eternal Yankee”), “the winningest career in the history of American sports.” He played on Yankee teams that went to the World Series 14 times in 17 years. He won 10 World Series rings; no other player has more than nine. He won three MVP awards; only Barry Bonds has more, with seven, but four of them probably tainted by performance-enhancing drugs. In seven consecutive seasons (1950-1956), Yogi finished in the top four in MVP voting. Only Bill Russell of the Boston Celtics (11 NBA championships, five MVP awards) and Henri Richard (11 NHL championships) have records of winning that exceed Yogi’s.

He grew up in what he and others called the Dago Hill section of St. Louis, when the Italian Americans who lived there did not take offense at the name. They had bigger problems. Allen Barra notes that an 1895 advertisement seeking labor to build a New York reservoir said whites would be paid $1.30 to $1.50 a day, “colored” workers $1.25 to $1.40 and Italians $1.15 to $1.25. The term “wop” may have begun as an acronym for “without papers,” as many Italians were when they arrived at Ellis Island.


American sports and ethnicity have been interestingly entangled. The nickname “Fighting Irish” was originally a disparagement by opponents of Notre Dame, which for many years had problems filling its football schedule because of anti-Catholic bigotry. But sports also have been solvents of a sense of apartness felt by ethnic groups.

In 1923, the Sporting News, which for many decades was described as “the Bible of baseball” (except by baseball fans, who described the Bible as “the Sporting News of religion”), called the national pastime the essence of the nation: “In a democratic, catholic, real American game like baseball, there has been no distinction raised except tacit understanding that a player of Ethiopian descent is ineligible. . . . The Mick, the Sheeny, the Wop, the Dutch and the Chink, the Cuban, the Indian, the Jap or the so-called Anglo-Saxon — his ‘nationality’ is never a matter of moment if he can pitch, hit or field.”

Ah, diversity. In 1908, the Sporting News said this about a Giants rookie, Charley “Buck” Herzog:

“The long-nosed rooters are crazy whenever young Herzog does anything noteworthy. Cries of ‘Herzog! Herzog! Goot poy, Herzog!’ go up regularly, and there would be no let-up even if a million ham sandwiches suddenly fell among these believers in percentages and bargains.”

David Maraniss, in his biography of the Pirates’ Roberto Clemente, the first Puerto Rican superstar, notes that as late as 1971, Clemente’s 17th season, one sportswriter still quoted him in phonetic English: “Eef I have my good arm thee ball gets there a leetle quicker.” In 1962, Alvin Dark, manager of the San Francisco Giants, banned the speaking of Spanish in the clubhouse. Today, with three of the most common surnames in baseball being Martinez, Rodriguez and Gonzalez, some managers speak Spanish.

Yogi’s great contemporary, Dodgers catcher Roy Campanella (another three-time MVP), was the son of an African American mother and Italian American father. Today, with two Italian Americans on the Supreme Court, it is difficult to imagine how delighted Italian Americans were with their first national celebrity — the elegant centerfielder on baseball’s most glamorous team, Joe DiMaggio, the son of a San Francisco fisherman.

DiMaggio was “Big Dago” to his teammates. Yogi was “Little Dago” and became the nation’s most beloved sports figure. As Yogi said when Catholic Dublin elected a Jewish mayor, “Only in America.”

Muslim Preacher On Muslim Invasion; We Will Conquer You

I posted on the history of Muslim attacks on Europe yesterday Here. The Muslim view today is stated below (from a Muslim Preacher).

A Muslim preacher named Sheikh Muhammad Ayed gave a little talk on September 11th about how Europeans don’t care so much about Middle Easteners as much as they care about cheap labor. He also said that Europe is “old and decrepit and needs human reinforcement.”

He added, “No force is more powerful than the human force of us Muslims.”

And in the same vein, he said that “the coming caliphate” will collect its Muslim sons to fight as soldiers for Islam.

But it’s all about the breeding and whatnot:

“We shall soon collect them in the name of the coming caliphate. We will say to you: These are our sons. Send them, or we will send our armies to you…We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries – whether you like it or not, oh Germans, oh Americans, oh French, oh Italians, and all those like you. Take the refugees!”

Another Muslim Invasion of Europe: This Time it May Work!

Knowing that long historical tracts are not greeted with joy by modern readers, this will be a very brief comment on one of the historical truths of the last 1300 years. That is that Muslims have tried to invade and conquer Europe many times. They have changed tactics and may win this time.

The Muslim religion was founded by Mohammed in the years prior to 630 AD. Unique to this religion was its use of deception, military power to conquer, and an eagerness to convert or murder. The Koran is full of rules about how to handle the “people of the Book,” or Christians and Jews. In essence, they are to be converted or killed. Simple rules are easy to understand!

The Koran also encourages conquest to create the global Caliphate where Islam rules and Shariah law is supreme around the world. This ambition resulted in the conquest of Spain in 711, a conquest that continued until Muslims were expelled in 1492. Spain marked the limit to westward expansion of the Caliphate, but not the effort.

A massive Muslim army attacked France in 732 only to be defeated by Charles Martel at Tours. This in one of great battles of history and saved Europe from devastation. During the next centuries, Muslims and Europeans battled all over the Mediterranean. All of the Levant and North Africa became Muslim as did Constantinople in 1435. It has been Istanbul since. Other battles such as the Battles of Mohacs, Buda, Malta, and Kosovo come to mind.

Muslim navies raided Italy and Spain constantly during the 12th to 16th centuries for booty and slaves. Christian slaves manned the oars of Muslim galleys for centuries. Miguel Cervantes, author of “Don Quixote,” was such a slave.

The Muslim naval threat to Europe continued with attacks on Crete, Cyprus and Sicily, but the main thrust, a massive attack on Italy, was defeated at the Battle of Lepanto on October 1, 1571. This battle was between the Ottoman Empire and the Holy League made up of the Spanish Empire, The Papal States, Venice, Genoa, Tuscany, Savoy, Urbino and the Knights of St. John. It was a Holy League, united by faith. The Battle was part of the Fourth Venetian-Ottoman War, by the way.

Significant in this battle was the obvious “Hand of God” intervention that lead to a conclusive Christian victory. The “Hand of God” intervention occurred when the Ottoman fleet, with the wind at its back, sailed to attach the Christian fleet. The wings of the Ottoman fleet over-lapped the smaller Christian fleet that couldn’t maneuver with the wind in its face. As the fleets closed, the wind shifted 180 degrees and suddenly it was the Ottoman Fleet that couldn’t maneuver, and the Christian fleet, with the wind at its back, destroyed the Ottomans. “Hand of God,” well, it was the Holy League.

Ottoman land attacks had ended with the Siege of Vienna in 1529. Another decisive defeat for the Musselemans, as they were called. Yet, a photograph last week showed thousands Muslims moving on a road toward Vienna under the headline,”Siege of Vienna.’

This time there is no Charles Martel or Holy League. There is the welfare state and political leaders originally eager to let in hundreds of thousands bearing their Korans and devotion to the Caliphate. The Godless welfare state of Europe may not have the will nor the capacity to resist this attack. The birthrate in Europe is below the 2.1 children per fertile female ratio that is needed to sustain a viable population. Muslim birth rates are often at a multiple of the minimum. Do the math.

There will be a point at which Europe catches on and fights back. This may be happening now as the Hungarians are closing its previously porous border and the Germans are rethinking its policy. It will be a long road back, but Europe may be beyond saving.

Left Handed People are Different.

Are you a left-handed person or maybe someone you know is?  Either way we believe knowledge is power. One really interesting fact was stated by a scientist, who believed that left-handed people tended to be more independent as a result of having to adapt to a world which is largely built for right-handed individuals.  Here are a few more fascinating pieces of trivia related to being a left-handed person.

Left Handed People Make Up 5-10% Of The Population | Click Here For 23 Left Handed Facts1. Left-handed people make up between 5-10% of the population. 

More Likely To Become An Alcoholic | Click Here For 23 Left Handed Facts2. They are three times more likely to become alcoholics. 

Use The Right Side Of The Brain More | Click Here For 23 Left Handed Facts3. They use the right side of the brain the most. 

Reach Puberty Later | Click Here For 23 Left Handed Facts4. They tend to reach puberty 4-5 months later than normal. 

Being Left Handed Is Helpful When Playing Baseball And Tennis | Click Here For 23 Left Handed Facts5. They make especially good baseball players, tennis players, swimmers, and boxers. Almost 40% of the top tennis players are lefties. 

4 Out Of 7 Of The Last US Presidents Were Left Handed | Click Here For 23 Left Handed Facts6. Of the 7 most recent US presidents, 4 have been left-handed. 

Left Handed College Graduates Make More | Click Here For 23 Left Handed Facts7. Left-handed college graduates go on to become 26% richer than right-handed graduates. 

Character Traits Have Been Linked To Increased Creativity | Click Here For 23 Left Handed Facts8. At various times in history, left-handedness has been seen as many things: a nasty habit, a mark of the devil, a sign of neurosis, rebellion, criminality, and homosexuality. It has also been seen as a trait indicating creativity and musical abilities. 

Left Comes From The Anglo-Saxon Word Lyft | Click Here For 23 Left Handed Facts9. The word left in English comes from the Anglo-Saxon word lyft, which means weak or broken.

Mothers Giving Birth When Over The Age Of 40 Are More Likely To Have A Left Handed Baby | Click Here For 23 Left Handed Facts10. Mothers who are over 40 at the time of a child’s birth are 128% more likely to have a left-handed baby than a woman in her 20s. 

Animals Also Have A Dominate Paw | Click Here For 23 Left Handed Facts11. Although approximately 90% of all humans are right-handed, cats, rats, and mice seem to be equally split between right and left pawedness.

Left Handers Have More Spatial Awareness | Click Here For 23 Left Handed Facts12. Studies have suggested that left-handers are more talented in spatial awareness, math, and architecture. Right-handers tend to be more talented verbally. 

Click The Button Below To See More Left-Handed Facts.

Jeb Bush’s Stupid Statement in the Debate

The Republican debate at the Reagan library last night was full of thoughtful and enlightened comments. There was one that was remarkable for its lack of knowledge, snese of history and just common sense. That was Jeb Bush’s comment that Margaret Thatcher should replace Alexander Hamilton of the $10 bill.

The world was fortunate to have Margaret Thatcher running the UK at the time Ronald Reagan ran the US. To have a British Prime Minister replace our first Treasury Secretary and Revolutionary War hero is nonsense.

The faces on our currency are those of 9 presidents, 2 treasury secretaries, and Benjamin Franklin. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin are “founding Fathers.” It would be very strange to insert the image of a British Prime Minister on our currency given the history of the two countries. It would be equally strange for the UK to place George Washington on the British Five pound note, although King George V called him “a truly remarkable man.”

For Jeb Bush to make this suggestion is alarming and should be taken seriously. I wonder what he was doing. He had a purpose, but it is beyond me to figure it out. Maybe it was that he was standing near another Iron Lady, Carly Fiorina, on the stage. Just maybe that was the impetus.

Why Republicans Hate Chris Christie.

The Republican Candidates for President will engage in two debates this evening. Among the top tier debaters is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He has no chance of going further for the very good reason that Republicans hate him and for good reason.

This all goes back to late October 2012, when it looked like Mitt Romney would win the presidency, and probably rule for 8 years. That was before tropical storm Sandy battered the east coast and gave the consummate politician and presidential aspirant, Chris Christie, the chance of a life time to cause the election to flip to Obama and make the 2016 election open to all, including himself.

On October 29, one week before the general election, Sandy slammed into New Jersey. The damage was extensive and real. Christie would not let this crisis go to waste.

Christie faced the reality that a Romney victory would put off his own campaign until 2020 at the earliest and he would be running against an incumbent Vice President and would face the prospect that after 8 years of one party, the electorate may want a change. If, however, Obama won in 2012, Christie would be running in an open Republican field in 2016. The choice was clear. Christie must take the opportunity of the President’s visit to the ravaged areas to enhance Obama’s image as a caring leader and get him over the top.

Christie’s fawning, obsequious, unctuous, servile and otherwise submissive body language along with comments as to how wonderful Obama was and how he responded to Sandy. He didn’t need to say, “Unlike George W. Bush and Katrina.” Then Christie appeared to hug Obama, he could have dropped to his knees and kissed his ring.

The Christie plan worked and Obama won the election by 1 point. Data collected from voters found that the Christie performance had made Obama look like a leader. It made the difference.

As you view this election, remember that Obama Care, $18 trillion in debt, Iran deals that will kill people, increased racial tension, immigration failings, and the Muslim invasion of the US are all Christie’s doing. He knew exactly what he was doing as he stood on that New Jersey beach a few days before the election. He needed to have Obama win so he sacrificed his country and his party to his own ambition. That is why Republicans hate Chris Christie now.

Fiorina’s “Look at this Face” Ad. The Best Ad So Far.

This link will take you to the best campaign ad so far. Carly Fiorina just slams Trumps’ comments and makes the proper point. She is a candidate to be reckoned with.
A candidate that is up front, out there, and very smart will go a long way. Maybe those who want a woman president will find their candidate here!

Joe Biden’s Particular Dilemma

Joe Biden has been a prominent politician for his life time. He sat in the Senate for multiple terms and as Vice-President to Barack Obama for 6 1/2 years. He clearly wants to be President to continue the Obama policies. Biden once said, “That’s a big f—-g deal.” as he articulated his opinion on Obama Care. His support for Obama programs is without limit.

His particular dilemma is that Hillary Clinton is running and has the support of many Democrats, overwhelming numbers of women voters, and control of the majority of Democratic Super Delegates to the convention that will select the candidate. He can’t be perceived to be the candidate that unseats the formerly “inevitable” candidate for president, Hillary Clinton.

Biden’s main support comes from Hillary herself who is ensnared in a growing scandal over her use of private email, housed on an insecure server housed in a aide’s bathroom. The discovery of top secret emails on an insecure server that has certainly been hacked by foreign governments and others, including Islamic terrorists, is her major problem. It seems there were emails that showed the location of, Christopher Stevens, who was murdered in Benghazi. Security personnel wondered why it was so easy to find him. The email scandal may carry criminal exposure.

Biden’s ace in the hole is that the Obama administration has always been anti-Hillary and it is being more aggressive as time passes. It is the White House that leaked email stories, it is Obama’s politicized Department of Justice and FBI that are pursuing the scandal and who could indict Hillary in time. Add to these matters the huge support the Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders who is now leading her in key states, by as much a 22 points in New Hampshire, for example. That an avowed Socialist is popular, is alarming in itself! Obama, however, who has no love for the Clintons, has a problem in that an indictment of his Secretary of State would seriously blemish his foreign policy legacy.

Back to “Biden’s Dilemma.” He doesn’t want to take on the Clintons, who have an advantage in delegates and money, and he is a gaffe prone, stumbling candidate, who is tied to Obama’s dwindling legacy. Obamacare is Biden’s too, as enrollment drops and insurance charges soar. So, too, is the Arab Spring with violence in the Mid East and a Muslim invasion of Europe. The Iranian agreement is his, too. It goes on.

It is clear the Joe Biden wants to run, but he needs to have Hillary out of the race first, and he will depend on Obama’s hand on the stiletto to bring her down. Of course, Bill Clinton is the most adroit politician of our time and he may conjure a way out of his wife’s problems and Joe Biden may never get a chance. Of course, let’s not forget Bernie Sanders. It will be a fun year, but the issue is the future of America and that makes it deadly serious.

Why Germany Needs Refugees: It’s About The Birth Rate

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has said that Germany will take 800,000 refugees this year and 500,000 annually over the next several years. Merkel no doubt will receive acclaim for humanitarianism, while nations that balk at taking refugees will be denounced.

I don’t doubt that there is a humanitarian component to Merkel’s decision, and in some respects her willingness to take in so many refugees is a feel good story. But keep in mind that Germany has an economic interest in bringing in young workers, and that this interest isn’t mirrored in many other EU member states.

Germany faces a severe labor shortage, both short-term and long-term. A study by the Robert Bosch foundation suggested that Germany’s workforce could shrink by about 6 million by 2030.

The main cause of the labor shortage is, as one would expect, population decline. This summer, the Telegraph reported:

Germany’s birth rate has collapsed to the lowest level in the world and its workforce will start plunging at a faster rate than Japan’s by the early 2020s, seriously threatening the long-term viability of Europe’s leading economy.

A study by the World Economy Institute in Hamburg (HWWI) found that the average number of births per 1,000 population dropped to 8.2 over the five years from 2008 to 2013, further compounding a demographic crisis already in the pipeline. Even Japan did slightly better at 8.4.

“No other industrial country is deteriorating at this speed despite the strong influx of young migrant workers. Germany cannot continue to be a dynamic business hub in the long-run without a strong jobs market,” warned the institute. . . .

The German government expects the population to shrink from 81m to 67m by 2060 as depressed pockets of the former East Germany go into “decline spirals” where shops, doctors’ practices, and public transport start to shut down, causing yet more people to leave in a vicious circle.

Population decline in Europe isn’t confined to Germany. As the Telegraph suggests, however, Germany represents a special case.

In France, the population is growing. And while the population in Eastern Germany spirals downward, only a few miles to the east, Poland’s population is growing.

Moreover, short-term labor shortages don’t plague most of Europe. To the contrary, many European countries struggle with high unemployment rates.

It’s fair to question, therefore, whether Germany is motivated primarily by altruism in agreeing to take in millions of immigrants and whether it is being reasonable in expecting other nations, especially struggling ones, to take in a significant number of them.

It is also fair to question Merkel’s bargain from a German point of view, though the answer must be supplied by Germans. Yes, the immigrants will help solve the labor and population shortfall. But they will also transform the nature of Germany, as Merkel acknowledges.

Do Germans want the transformation that’s in store?

Don’t be surprised if this question becomes a central one in German politics. And don’t be surprised if, while it’s being debated, the transformation continues apace.