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We akjjkkere all looking for an explanation of Russian motive for its acknowledged interference in the 2016 electioEthernet edn. The question asked is which candidate did he favor and did either candidate collud je with the Russians? A Spewcial Prosecutor has been apipointed to investigatek thigh ik whether the Trump campaign colluded. Edward Jay Epstein reports that Putin’s motive is the delegitimizing of the electioun itself and that Putin had here no preference among the candidates.

The 2016 Presidential Election is 7 months old and Donald Trump is still the winner. Democrats are continuing to try to explain this loss as the product of Russian hacking, a ludicrous position. On January 12, here my post “The Russian Hacking Story, in a Nutshell, describes this simple deal. describes the Russian hacking in a Nutshell. It’s a quick and easy read.

This blog is about current events, politics, and sports. The archives contain posts on such subjects as “Baseball’s Timeless Appeal” here This article has appeared in national publications and is my favorite article, and other posts ranging from Climate Change to Baseball Pennant Races. For insight to the way MLB pennants are determined, see “Fifth Game Theory” for an explanation of why one game in five determines the pennant winner. here Every baseball fan should understand this concept.

Below are links to one of my favorite business of baseball stories which tells of the league meeting when the Washington Senators received permission to move to Minnesota in 1960. It was not a sure thing and a parliamentary maneuver worthy of Churchill or Disraeli was required to achieve the required super majority. It all depended on lunch. The article is Here.


For the opening of the 2016 Baseball Season, I posted Baseball’s Timeless Appeal, here. Happy Opening Day: 7 Questions About the New Season here and How Well do You Know Your Baseball? Take the 2016 Opening Dregretay Quiz here. This is George Will’s annual quiz and it is hard!

With the end of the NFL season upon us. I posted on the HGH problem wnwmin football. The real problem is whether it is detrimental to players as it is hard to detect. Players use peds because others do. It’s simple. In my study of drug use in sports, I concluded that such use to enhance performance for the very good reason that no football player will want to face a user in a game without having the same benefits. Nor would a hitter wish to face a pitcher for the same reasons. See it Here

In theikk middle of the MLB playoff season, I posted “The Key to Winning Pennants in MLB, It’s Simple.” Here.
The Chinese have moved an aircraft carrier, a missile cruiser and 1000 marines to Syria to link with the Russian fleet at Tartus. This is due to American weakness in what was once an American lake controlled by the US 6th fleet. Read the post Here.
The headline, “Siege of Vienna” prompts “The Muslim Invasion of Europe, This Time it May Work.” See it Here.

I posted “Why Republicans Hate Chris Christie” Here and “Fiorina’s “Look At This Face” Ad” Here.
The Christie story goes back to his outrageous performance after Sandy that handed the White House to Obama.

On September 14, I posted Joe Biden’s Dilemma Here. It deals with Biden’s decision to run for Predsident.
On August 26, I wrote here about baseball chemistry, that essential element that wins pennants. The discussion explains it in the context of the 2015 season.

On July 20, I posted “Trump, Sanders and Politics in 2015.” here;.. It discusses the two candidates and the effect of those candidacies.

I wrote about Dylann Roof, the Charleston Shooter and Caitlyn Jenner, here;These are two incomprehensible, for me at least, but unrelated stories.
The end of the NFL season prompts several articles. The first was on Deflategate, here, the second revises that view here, and, finally, here. The last post expalins the difference between sports and theater as the game last night did so well.
“Adrian Peterson’s Dilemma and How We Benefit From It” is Here. Describes this star’s indictment for hitting his son with a switch and the benefit we may derive from this act.
O n August 30, 2014. I wrote about the difference, and it’s critical, between ISIS and ISIL. It is Here.
On August 4, there is a brief article and link that discusses the major error in “Inconvenient Truth.” This error is the claim that ice core data indicated a relationship between CO2 and temperature that is the reverse of reality. Where Gore claimed the data shows CO2 causes temperature to rise, his own data actually shows that temperature increases precede CO2 increases. So temperature increases through solar activity releases CO2. Read it Here.

On July 31, I wrote about Climate Change and gave a link, via, to a series of interviews with climate scientists. Here.

I wrote about Flixter’s critics problem with Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, “America: What Would the World Be Like Without Her?” Here. This ties in well with the following article.
I saw Dinesh D’Souza’s documentary, “America: What Would the World Be Like Without Her?” I loved the film and you can see it so I won’t spoil it for you. However, in my post Here I expand upon one of the vingettes of the film for which inadequate foundation is laid by D’Souza. This deals with the near death of George Washington at the Battle of Brandywine in 1777. It is an intrguing tale of a shot not taken by a British officer in that battle.

I wrote about Presbyterians at War on June 24. As a Presbyterian, this is a big issue for me.

June 3 is the 150th Anniversary of the Union’s worst defeat, Cold Harbor. See the story from Military History Here

Here. Is an article on “When Baseball Teams Became Tribes.” It is obvious now, but hasn’t always been that way.

Several articles appear on Global WarmingI. A photo debunks the sea level rise myth, here and The Climate Controversy is Explained in Detail here and The Corruption of Science is discussed here

On April 20, I returned to the mystery of Malaysia 370, a 777 aircraft that disapeared on March 8th. An analysis of the eight pings from the plane were analyzed by Inmersat, an engineering firm, that placed the plane 1000 miles off the west coast of Australia. However, no evidence has been found, NOTHING, so this is worth a read. The ultimate conspiracy theory is that some one dumped a black box is 15,000 foot water as the most tech savy of the red herrings ever! The article is HERE.

On April 1, I wrote about the evidence of Malaysia 370’s suggested crash into the Indian Ocean. The Flotsam Evidence. This draws upon my experience as a sailor who spent hundreds of hours as a forward lookout spotting the flotsam that is present at sea.

“A Brief View of the NLRB Region 13’s Finding that Scholarship Athletes Can Form a Union” is Here along with comments about the absurdity of this decision.

On March 29, I posted my favorite article, “Baseball’s Timeless Appeal” in honor of the coming baseball season. here Baseball games tell a story of confronting enemies in an effort to get home safely, like life itself. It is a great read.

3/24/2014 The Malaysian Prime Minister has proclaimed the end of MH 370 900 miles west of Perth, Australia Here . This story is based on evidence from analysis of the plane’s pings as read by satellites. It is an interesting story.

The disappearance of Malaysia 370 has provoked many comments. The last Here discusses the event as a Twilight Zone scenario. Actually, many readers have mentioned that they did see the Twilight Zone episode that mimics MH370.

More on MH370 can be dound The Occam’s Razor Version, Here and Here

See the article on Jackie Robinson’s Court Martial on February 19th/ this is an important addition to “Jackie Robinson’s Contribution to America,” Here.

The arrival of “The Sabermetrics Revolution,” caught my attention. This is the book that will change baseball and other sports as well. Link to it Here

On December 13, I wrote about the Baseball Winter Meetings. MLB is a very interesting business. I wrote about finance and bats, helmets, masks and politics Here.

On December 7, I posted a US Navy Report on the attack on Pearl Harbor that show how the very resilient US Navy recovered from the attack. In essence, of the numerous ships torpedoed and bombed, some even capsized, only the USS Arizona was a complete loss as all other ships were returned to the fleet. The report is Here.

On December 6, I posted a paper I wrote in 2011 on SEC Rule 144, which controls the way company founders, executives and board members can sell their shares. It is posted Here. It is the one rule every entrepreneur must know. The reason I am posting it is that a friend asked a for a copy a while ago and putting it on-line is a very good way to make it available.

On December 1, I wrote Here about the parliamentary manuevers that allowed the Washington Senators to move to Minnesota in 1960. My account of the league meeting that allowed it is very interesting.

Nov 20 I wrote about how Lincoln Trumps Obama at Gettysburg. I am just wondering why Obama did not make the trip on the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address. Here.

Blogging from the Prime Time sports and Marketing Conference. Here.
Jack Morris should be in the Hall of Fame. Read about it here.

The “Long Season Ends, Not With a Bang but a Whimper” is posted here
and a post season look at Bart Giamatti’s “The Green Fields of the Mind” is here
World Series Games Four and Five and the Magnificent Big Papi, David Ortiz, are discussed here.
World Series Game three last night was decided by a rarely invoked rule. For a discussion go here. For discussions of the outcomes the first and second game go here and here.

The Detroit Tigers gave another game to the Red Sox who move on to the World Series. The story of that series comes down to a few pitches and a ball not caught. The story is posted here.

The Cardinals destroyed the Dodgers in the final game of their series and move to the World Series here.
The Cardinals helped the Dodgers win a game here with video highlights.
The opening games of the League Championship Series have been very competitive and then there was the Ortiz moment in Boston on Sunday night. See a recap and commentary here.

October 8, the MLB DIvisional Series games are described here and “Playoffs Mean War, Baseball at Its Best” here.

For a look at Alex Rodriguez law suit against Bud Selig and MLB, look here
On September 29 I described the various playoff scenarios that exist in MLBhere.

Recently I have written about the very competitive races for Wild Card positions in the 2013 Playoffs. here. More on the Wild Card can be found here and here. The MLB Rules for Playoff participation are here. Remember, Fall Baseball is War, here.

On September 19, I posted here MLB Playoffs: Fall Baseball is War, Part Two and last night was the Battle of the Bulge.

On September 13, I wrote about the decertification of a teachers’ union in Kenosha, Wisconsin as this is a very significant event. On September 14, I linked to John Hinderaker’s article on the same subject. This is potentially significant event if it signals a national pattern. Read them here.

September 12, The Wild Card Race in the American League is full of complex scenarios involving the six potential winners. Check it out here.

On August 31, I wrote about Questions-About-the-NFL-Concussion-Settlement. This is the most important class action case in sports and it is now settled, but questions arise.

On August 26, a look at the standings showed that another race is occuring in MLB. This is the race to Ignominy and the MLB Cellar Dweller. Teams try very hard to avoid finishing last, the ultimate ignominy, and this post describes the seven teams trying to avoid such a label.

For those of you who want to run a team, here is your check list for success. “How to Manage a Team and Win the Pennant.” here.

Look at the archives as I have been told there are numerous articles that merit reading. If you like what you read, follow the blog and receive email notices of new articles and leave a comment or request an article on a specific subject.

August 21, I wrote about baseball labor history and the errors made by MLB in this area. Murray Chass’s NY Times article is cited as well.

August 16, I wrote about ” Human Growth Hormone, Testosterone, Biogenesis and the MLB Supplement Game” here. This article follows a dinner with Dr. Jeff Husband where we discussed the Biogenesis scandal in MLB.

On August 6, “MLB, Alex Rodriguez, and the Reason Rules Are Important” heredeals with the essential nature of rules to a sports league as that is how competitive balance and the product is created and protected. This post even refers to King Lear.

August 3, and on August 1, I wrote about the Alex Rodriguez drama. The post, “MLB, New York Yankees and the Alex Rodgriguez Drama.” I focus on the very confusing scenario that is about to be realized. It is very interesting for everyone, not just the baseball fan.

On July 31, I wrote about the tightening race in the American League Central. The Indians, Tigers and now the Royals are all playing very well. This is a race to watch. All three teams are on winning streaks and anything can happen.

On July 27, I wrote about how baseball players are talented athletes and any one of them can win a game. This post included the marvelous quote from my old friend, Earl Weaver, about how baseball, unlike other games, compels a team to “throw the ball over the plate and give the other guy a chance.”

Recently, I wrote about Ryan Braun’s plea bargain in his drug case with MLB. This is a very interesting and important matter. I also wrote about posts on the American League pennant race and the Detroit Cleveland race where two teams are stumbling towards September. Friday night Detroit lost 1-0 to Kansas City and Cleveland gave away a game in Minnesota. Last night, Cleveland gave away another game and the Tiger lost 6-5 in Kansas City. This will be a very interesting race.

For a look at the Immigration issue, look here.

For more great baseball commentary go to Peter Gammons here and Murray Chasshere, or Maury Brown at the “Biz of Baseball” blog here.

The best potical and current events blog is Link to it here.

I also wrote about the George Zimmerman case with posts on July 12 and 13 and my hopes that the juries’ decision is accepted by the country to avoid racial strife,

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