Jeb Bush’s Stupid Statement in the Debate

The Republican debate at the Reagan library last night was full of thoughtful and enlightened comments. There was one that was remarkable for its lack of knowledge, snese of history and just common sense. That was Jeb Bush’s comment that Margaret Thatcher should replace Alexander Hamilton of the $10 bill.

The world was fortunate to have Margaret Thatcher running the UK at the time Ronald Reagan ran the US. To have a British Prime Minister replace our first Treasury Secretary and Revolutionary War hero is nonsense.

The faces on our currency are those of 9 presidents, 2 treasury secretaries, and Benjamin Franklin. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin are “founding Fathers.” It would be very strange to insert the image of a British Prime Minister on our currency given the history of the two countries. It would be equally strange for the UK to place George Washington on the British Five pound note, although King George V called him “a truly remarkable man.”

For Jeb Bush to make this suggestion is alarming and should be taken seriously. I wonder what he was doing. He had a purpose, but it is beyond me to figure it out. Maybe it was that he was standing near another Iron Lady, Carly Fiorina, on the stage. Just maybe that was the impetus.

Fiorina’s “Look at this Face” Ad. The Best Ad So Far.

This link will take you to the best campaign ad so far. Carly Fiorina just slams Trumps’ comments and makes the proper point. She is a candidate to be reckoned with.
A candidate that is up front, out there, and very smart will go a long way. Maybe those who want a woman president will find their candidate here!