Joe Biden’s Particular Dilemma

Joe Biden has been a prominent politician for his life time. He sat in the Senate for multiple terms and as Vice-President to Barack Obama for 6 1/2 years. He clearly wants to be President to continue the Obama policies. Biden once said, “That’s a big f—-g deal.” as he articulated his opinion on Obama Care. His support for Obama programs is without limit.

His particular dilemma is that Hillary Clinton is running and has the support of many Democrats, overwhelming numbers of women voters, and control of the majority of Democratic Super Delegates to the convention that will select the candidate. He can’t be perceived to be the candidate that unseats the formerly “inevitable” candidate for president, Hillary Clinton.

Biden’s main support comes from Hillary herself who is ensnared in a growing scandal over her use of private email, housed on an insecure server housed in a aide’s bathroom. The discovery of top secret emails on an insecure server that has certainly been hacked by foreign governments and others, including Islamic terrorists, is her major problem. It seems there were emails that showed the location of, Christopher Stevens, who was murdered in Benghazi. Security personnel wondered why it was so easy to find him. The email scandal may carry criminal exposure.

Biden’s ace in the hole is that the Obama administration has always been anti-Hillary and it is being more aggressive as time passes. It is the White House that leaked email stories, it is Obama’s politicized Department of Justice and FBI that are pursuing the scandal and who could indict Hillary in time. Add to these matters the huge support the Socialist Senator Bernie Sanders who is now leading her in key states, by as much a 22 points in New Hampshire, for example. That an avowed Socialist is popular, is alarming in itself! Obama, however, who has no love for the Clintons, has a problem in that an indictment of his Secretary of State would seriously blemish his foreign policy legacy.

Back to “Biden’s Dilemma.” He doesn’t want to take on the Clintons, who have an advantage in delegates and money, and he is a gaffe prone, stumbling candidate, who is tied to Obama’s dwindling legacy. Obamacare is Biden’s too, as enrollment drops and insurance charges soar. So, too, is the Arab Spring with violence in the Mid East and a Muslim invasion of Europe. The Iranian agreement is his, too. It goes on.

It is clear the Joe Biden wants to run, but he needs to have Hillary out of the race first, and he will depend on Obama’s hand on the stiletto to bring her down. Of course, Bill Clinton is the most adroit politician of our time and he may conjure a way out of his wife’s problems and Joe Biden may never get a chance. Of course, let’s not forget Bernie Sanders. It will be a fun year, but the issue is the future of America and that makes it deadly serious.

2 thoughts on “Joe Biden’s Particular Dilemma

  1. The Ambassador was Chris Stevens. You might want to leave the political posts to your friend John Hinderaker. But I like your baseball posts.

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