Christie Is Gone, Good; Fiorina Gone, Sad.

The aftermath of the New Hampshire vote this week lead to the departure of Chris Christie and Carl Fiorina from the Republican candidate list.  Christie’s departure is a win and Fiorina’s departure is a real loss.

As I wrote on September 9,2015 “Why Republicans Hate Chris Christie”; which pointed to Christie’s obsequious behavior towards candidate Obama following the Sandy storm in 2012 that propelled Obama to a narrow victory over Mitt Romney. Christie’s behavior was a calculated attempt to give the election to Obama so that the field would be open for Christie in 2016. He Jettisoned the interests of the nation and his party for his personal ambition. He should not be allowed to benefit from this egregious act.

HIs second egregious act was his attack on Marco Rubio at a debate before the New Hampshire primary. This attack against a fellow Republican was made to benefit Christie, was mean spirited, cruelly done and resulted in damaging Rubio’s campaign. Given that Rubio was the candidate said to have the best chance to beat Democrats next November, this was also attack against the Nation and his party all for his own aggrandizement.

Christie is a bully of the first order. Is porcine physique implies eating disorders and other psychological disorders, probably extreme narcissism, but certainly clinical issues exist. That he has no loyalty to his country is significant in that he must have as a basic tenet of his belief system that having a Republican president is far better for the country than having a Democrat in office. He does not believe this and only thinks of having Christie in office. It is very good for all that he is gone.

The only remaining question is to find out who he was working for when he attacked Rubio. If for himself, he is a fool, but he may have been working for Trump in an effort to get rid of a competitor, or he could, of course, be working for Hillary Clinton, who would lose to Rubio according to recent polls. Nevertheless, Christie is our Jack Ruby, but we may find out who he was acting for fairly soon.

The sad item I referred to was the departure of Carly Fiorina from the race. She is remarkable, the un-Hillary woman. Competent, accomplished, super smart and, hopefully, our first woman president in a future campaign. I’ve been telling people that she is my favorite candidate and I was looking forward to having her eviscerate Hillary Clinton in an all female debate, which whe would have certainly done.

Of interest here is that Hillary says you can’t comment on a woman’s looks in a campaign, but must focus only on her issues, but Liberal commentators referred  to Fiorina’s looks on a regular basis, as did Donald Trump, who is more Christie than I’m comforable with. The self-serving motivation for Hillary Clinton’s comments are obvious as was the yellow parka she wore at the debate.

Carly Fiorina is the perfect candidate and will be back and will run the United States in the foreseeable future and that’s a good thing.

The Republican’s shed a load with Christie’s departure but his damage will last. Without him, we would be considering the re-election of President Romney in a better world. It is good that he’s gone, I’m sorry it took so long.




Why Republicans Hate Chris Christie.

The Republican Candidates for President will engage in two debates this evening. Among the top tier debaters is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. He has no chance of going further for the very good reason that Republicans hate him and for good reason.

This all goes back to late October 2012, when it looked like Mitt Romney would win the presidency, and probably rule for 8 years. That was before tropical storm Sandy battered the east coast and gave the consummate politician and presidential aspirant, Chris Christie, the chance of a life time to cause the election to flip to Obama and make the 2016 election open to all, including himself.

On October 29, one week before the general election, Sandy slammed into New Jersey. The damage was extensive and real. Christie would not let this crisis go to waste.

Christie faced the reality that a Romney victory would put off his own campaign until 2020 at the earliest and he would be running against an incumbent Vice President and would face the prospect that after 8 years of one party, the electorate may want a change. If, however, Obama won in 2012, Christie would be running in an open Republican field in 2016. The choice was clear. Christie must take the opportunity of the President’s visit to the ravaged areas to enhance Obama’s image as a caring leader and get him over the top.

Christie’s fawning, obsequious, unctuous, servile and otherwise submissive body language along with comments as to how wonderful Obama was and how he responded to Sandy. He didn’t need to say, “Unlike George W. Bush and Katrina.” Then Christie appeared to hug Obama, he could have dropped to his knees and kissed his ring.

The Christie plan worked and Obama won the election by 1 point. Data collected from voters found that the Christie performance had made Obama look like a leader. It made the difference.

As you view this election, remember that Obama Care, $18 trillion in debt, Iran deals that will kill people, increased racial tension, immigration failings, and the Muslim invasion of the US are all Christie’s doing. He knew exactly what he was doing as he stood on that New Jersey beach a few days before the election. He needed to have Obama win so he sacrificed his country and his party to his own ambition. That is why Republicans hate Chris Christie now.