The Most Absurd Claim in the Mueller Hearings

Today, July 24, 2019,  former special counsel Robert Mueller testified in front of two house Committees. The special counsel was engaged to investigate Russian involvement in the 2016 US Presidential election. It is very clear that the Russians did tamper in our election, just as the Obama regime had interfered with Russia, Israeli and probably other elections and the Russians interfered with Italian and out election among others.

That Russia interfered in our election and will again is a given, It happened and will happen again. So, too, did Obama interfere in Russian elections as well as Israeli elections, and the Russians interfered in the Italian election among others. That’s what governments do now.

The most absurd claim is that the Russians interfered to assist Donald Trump. The Russians read the polls and expected a Hillary Clinton victory. Their effort was to dull the effect of this victory so dealing with her would be easier.

The real proof as to the the absurdity of the pro-Trump claim is an inquiry into who the Russians will favor in 2020, Certainly they will seek to help Joe Biden, whom they made billions dollar deals with, Bernie Sanders, who honeymooned in Moscow, Elizabeth Warren a socialist as is the rest of the Democratic nominees, Kamala Harris, “Da!”

(Amy Klobuchar is one of my senators and is not a socialist, and she should let the notion know that)

The Democrats will very soon understand that Russian interference will clearly benefit them in the coming election and will be pulling back their criticism. They know that the Russians will prefer their candidates and that Trump has been very hard on the Russians.

The claim the Russians favored Trump is absurd and is put forward by the Democrats because their strategy going forward is to paint Trump with that brush, but whey will back off soon when the prospect of Russian interference will clearly be for their presidential candidate in 2021.