Susan Page’s Best Unanswered Question In The Vice Presidential Debate.

Last night at the Mike Pence v. Kamala Harris debate, the horribly biased moderator, Susan Page of USA Today, asked each candidate a question about Roe v. Wade. She asked Pence “If Roe v. Wade is overturned and abortion becomes a state issue, would you hope your home state of Indiana would outlaw abortion?” She asked Kamala Harris the opposite side of that question “wondering if California would vote for unrestricted abortion?”

These questions were the most important of the debate as leftist commentators indicate that a reversal of Roe would end abortion where the truth is that a reversal would allow states to pass their own abortion laws. That means California could pass an abortion-without-restriction law that rids them of those nagging restrictions in Roe v. Wade. These are the references to trimesters, doctors and such interferences.

If pro-Choice advocates looked at Roe as containing restraints and other restrictions on abortion, they would be leading the charge to drop Roe and move to situation where abortion is a matter for the legislatures.

Some say California could allow abortion up to birth and then allow infanticide up to, say, age 3.

That may seem radical to many, but so was abortion in the third trimester and even at the time of birth as with partial birth abortion not very long ago. Neither candidate answered the question!!

Stay tuned.