Google Play

On this Friday before Labor Day, I am finding that I am the only guy in the office. (There was one other fellow on the elevator, but he got off to a un-lighted hall way and is probably gone by now.) So the solution, after sending a text or two to see If I could find anyone, was to play with my smartphone.  I saw a notice to update Google Play Services, whatever that is. I tapped on update, and found the following  request for what Google Calls “App Permissions.”

Google Play Services need access to additional permissions (marked as NEW):

These “Additional Permissions are listed below.

System Tools

NEW; Write subscribed feeds

Draw over other apps, modify system settings, prevent phone from sleeping, toggle sync on and off.  Google has got to be kidding, right? 

Your Location

NEW: Approximate (network based) location, precise (GPS) location Why?

Hardware Controls

NEW, Take pictures and videos Of what, who, where? This is the old, “your phone is watching you gig.” Why would Google want to take videos with my phone? I don’t take videos with my phone!

Your Personal information

NEW: Read your social stream, write to your social stream.

Read your contacts You have already guessed that permission was not granted and this is the one that sealed that deawl- Write to My Social Stream! Who at Google would want to do that and what would they say?

There is the possibility that this is all innocuous stuff that is poorly written, but, nevertheless I just said “No” to Google and my phone still works fine.