Reflecting upon the storming of the Bastille and the French Revolution | Washington Times Communities

Today is Bastille Day, commemortating that day in 1789 when the Bastille, a fortress built in 1370, was attacked to obtain gunpowder and cannon to defend the mob against the King’s Army. This is the event that began the French Revolution that reached its peak in brutality with the Terror in 1793 with executions via the guillotine. It is said that possiblly 20,000 victims were executed. In these times, being suspect was enough to condemn. Early political correctness gone amok. 
Have some knowledge of Bastille Day and the French Revolution is important. Crane Brinton in “Anatomy of Revolution”  explains revolution by looking at revolutions in France in detail, but also Russia, England and our own revolution in 1775. All are different and the differences are critical. Our revolution, for example, never had a terror.
Take a look at this article and look at Brinton’s book. Happy Bastille Bay or VIve L’France.

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