World Series Game One: Cardinals Give a Game to the Red Sox

The Red Sox won World Series Game One last night 8-1 on a series of Cardinal mistakes, great Red Sox pitching (or poor Cardinals hitting), and some timely hitting. It was 5-0 after two innings. The Cardinals allowed a pop up to land near the mound, flubbed a potential double play, bounced a pick off attempt, bobbled a  ball in the outfield, and allowed a wild pitch, and those are the events I recalled this morning. The lone St. Louis run came in the ninth as Matt Holliday homered to left center field.
The teams play tonight and remember this is baseball and last night will have no impact on tonight. Baseball players are accustomed to losing as even the best teams lose 40% of the time.  The unavoidable fact here is that home field advantage is a real advantage in the World Series and if that home field is Fenway Park, double the effect. The Cardinals will have to win one in Fenway to win the series, let’s hope tonight’s game is a more skillfully played contest and that the outcome is in doubt until the ninth.
As for my preference, it is for a seven game series as there is only the long, cold winter afterwards, so I like to have winners and losers alternate until game seven. GO Cards!!

1 thought on “World Series Game One: Cardinals Give a Game to the Red Sox

  1. I was very glad to see the umpires take the time to get the call right on that 1st inning force out at 2B. I’m a proponent of instant replay in ALL sports, because I would rather see a team win (or lose) because of what actually happened on the field of play instead of because what one individual thinks happened. The ‘human element’ in sports officiating is no longer necessary, thank goodness…but even without instant replay, the umpires did the right thing to take the time to get the call right. I’m also glad to finally see the two teams with the best records in their leagues (and who were tied for the best records in baseball with 97 wins each) facing each other in the World Series….the first time that’s happened in a long time.

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