The Really Big Error in the Green New Deal

The proponents of the Green New Deal are, it is said, enthusiastic. They are also uneducated, narrow thinking, and just plain wrong.

The errors are obvious as eliminating air travel simply won’t fly, (sorry.) The idiocy goes on.

The really big issue that they have missed totally is that the great mass of the worlds commerce by tons is moved by ships that burn black oil, bunker and other derivatives of oil and is carbon based and releases tons of co2 when burned.

There is little need to go on as there is no way to move tankers, cargo ships, container ships or ocean liners across thousands of miles of ocean carrying millions of tons of cargo except by turning oil into steam. In short, the Green New Deal ends commerce around the world. The ensuing world wide depression would be cataclysmic.

So, the proponents of the Green New Deal are not just enthusiastic, the are stupid to the point of being extremely and existentially dangerous. Let the concept die an early and painful death  and let us not pay any attention to such nonsense going forward.

1 thought on “The Really Big Error in the Green New Deal

  1. Clark:MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!I live about 5 miles from a VERY large dairy.We have had no problems with the cows farting. More likely they listen to this liberal crap….and just shit!Sent from my Sprint Samsung Galaxy S7.

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