The True Politics Of The Health Care Bill

A health care reform bill is awaiting consideration in the Senate. The great mystery is why Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi are so stridently opposed as they make one dire prediction of the apocalypse that will result from its enactment, no matter how unsupportable their claims.  In making these claims, they ignore the total disaster their own Obamacare plan has been,

Obamacare has been an Albatross around the neck of the Democrats since its passage and none of the president’s “promises” came true. They have lost the House and Senate, now the White House, and over a thousand state legislature seats and scores of governors. It has become a Republican lead country, largely due to Obamacare. Democrats should be supporting its repeal, but they are urging its continued existence, even though Obamacare is in a death spiral.

Democrats seldom miss a chance to demonize or disparage a Republican plan, person or proposal. Here they are attacking the Republican bill with claims that hundreds of thousands of people will die because of it and “23 million would lose their insurance or be uncovered per a Congressional Budget Office projection.” By the way, the Congressional Budget Office Obamacare projections were grossly wrong and are most assuredly so here,

It makes no sense then for Schumer and Pelosi to oppose the passage of the Republican’s bill. The apparently smart move for the Democrats is to not oppose the Senate bill, let it pass and then hope it fails as Obamacare failed and as they are predicting.  This would place the Albatross around the Republican’s neck and doom their electoral prospects in 2018 and far beyond. It seems to be a Democrat’s dream!

The truth is that this is a Democrats nightmare. They face a Republican bill that will actually improve healthcare in America. Obamacare is hugely unpopular and its repeal and replacement will be seen as a true benefit that can be embraced by voters. This will lead to a period of Republican hegemony and relegate the Democrats to minority party status for a generation. The Democrats hysterical opposition to the Senate Bill is nothing more than the existential perorations of a failed party.

The Republicans only need to pass the bill and enact it into law. It’s a few straightforward steps that end with a signing ceremony in the Oval Office that will change the American electoral map for fifty years. Democrats know this so their seemingly irrational opposition to the Senate bill is well founded. Republicans, however, have shown the capacity to allow pettiness to save the Democrat’s bacon which is now in the fire.  I hope for the sake of the nation, that doesn’t occur this time.



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