The Russian Hacking Story in a Nutshell

In this digital age, government spend enormous amounts of money trying to penetrate the computer system of adversaries, like the US against Russia and China, and presumably our friends, as well. It would be nice to know what the British were thinking, after all. The Russians spent lots of money trying to “hack,” or penetrate, political party servers during the past campaign. It worked in part and failed in part and that is the story.

The Russians successfully penetrated the Democratic National Committee’s e-mail server by sending a Phish to its leader. He opened the email and disclosed his password, that, curiously because similar behavior by a child would be rare, was “password.” I don’t know if he used a capital “P,” but nevertheless!!

The Russians spent a lot of time trying to hack the Republican e-mail servers but, because the Republicans were serious about security, were never able to penetrate its servers.

Wikileaks got the Democrats stuff and it was hilarious, ripping each other, and making just outrageous comments that made them look stupid. This is not to say the Republicans are not stupid, and if the Republican servers were penetrated, I am sure similarly salacious e-mails would have been discovered and released to the enormous embarrassment of the Republicans.  That didn’t happen because the Republicans used solid security to avoid such embarrassment and the Democrats didn’t. Thre was no pro-Trump bias, as it is apparent the Russians were thinking Clinton would win up to the morning of November 9 and were simply toying with her.

This story is really that simple. A senior Democrat, some say John Podesta, used “password”  as his password. Oh, well, it proved to be the Key to the Kingdom. Now Clinton’s e-mail servers were also hacked, but that’s a different story, but also one based on a colossal lack of security in what is now a well known tale.












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