Trump’s Recovery? Here Is The Way And It Will Work

Donald Trump made some insulting and vulgar comments in 2005 while on the set of some TV show. His comments were recorded on video tape and played today to his considerable embarrassment. Republicans have turned on him. Kelly Ayotte says she’s writing in Mike Pence tor president on her ballot, Paul Ryan canceled a campaign event with Trump. Democrats rally around their candidates, like Bill Clinton. Remember he settled a sexual harassment lawsuit for a little under $1,00,000 in 1998 ($1,500,000 today). He was also engaging an intern in illicit sexual activity in his office while running for a second term and got elected. His peccadillos over time include actual rape.

The reason I mention Bill’s behavior is to point out that Trump can survive this event and move on to win the election. This event has actually given him the opportunity to change the election dynamic and the electorate’s negative view of him.

Here’s what he says tomorrow before the debate so it can be brought again during the debate.
“I’m deeply embarrassed by the comments in made in 2005, They are crude, vulgar and demeaning of women. I have injured my sons and daughters, and the love of my life, Melania. I have also injured the American people. In the year of this campaign for President, I have come to love the American people more than I can imagine. Where I began the campaign fearful of the continuing damage being done by a Democratic administration, and my desire to improve our great country, my deeply felt affection for all of the people of this great country has altered me for all time.

I admit my failings, my offensive language, but I also admit my commitment to the American people. During this campaign, I have undergone a moral change and for that, I am blessed. My behavior has been horrible, it was show business stuff, and it has no place in American politics, and it will not occur again.

The videos that exist from earlier times show a flawed person  My engagement with the American people during this campaign has altered my soul. I am committed to them, to my children, to Melania and to being a competent, considerate and humble President of the United States.

6 thoughts on “Trump’s Recovery? Here Is The Way And It Will Work

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  2. What a joke. He’s been changed by this campaign? What possible evidence could DJT point to as reflecting this change. A truly contrite and repentant person comes clean with no ulterior motives.

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