The Story of Trump’s Taxes, or What Hillary Doesn’t Know or Understand

When a business loses money, it doesn’t pay taxes. When a lot of money is lost, the losses can be deducted for years with limits, until they are used up.  The principle here is to encourage investment and job creation by softening the fall if it doesn’ t work. That’s why we have laws on bankruptcy that, again, encourage investment and job creation. 
Donald Trump has invested and lost from time to time. He gets to recognize those losses, it’s what we encourage. 
Hillary has done none of this. She and husband, Bill, have made hundreds of millions of dollars by selling influence through their Clinton Foundation. For example, if you are a Russian company who want to acquire the US supply of uranium, you send $500,000  to the Clinton foundation, get a fifteen-minute speech from BIll,  and Hillary, as secretary of state, approves the transfer. Yes, this happened.(
Trump’s businesses and ten thousand employees all pay taxes to local, state and federal governments. Hillary’s claim that was not the case was just a big lie, or, and this is more alarming, a statement made through ignorance. In her world, the income into the Foundation, hundreds of millions of dollars, is tax-free under IRC 501c3.  this tax-free money then pays Clinton family expenses, chartered jets, hotel suites, office rental and living expenses like clothes, food and “what ever else you want.” She is not paying her fair share, not Trump. This fact will come out soon and may just start here.  
Read on.

Trump, Taxes and the Times

See also: New York Times violates law to publish partial Trump tax return from 90s and speculate about his taxes

The New York Times put out a hit piece on Donald Trump saying that he took a $900 billion-plus business loss in 1995 that allowed him to pay no income taxes for years. If it was a legitimate loss that is what he is supposed to do. Trump and his businesses pay property taxes, payroll taxes, sales taxes, motor fuel taxes and all the other taxes and fees the government entities charge. Therefore, it is either pure ignorance or intentional lies for Hillary and others to say he pays no taxes to support schools, the police, the roads and all other government functions. Why doesn’t the media fact check that lie instead of repeating it?

Amazon, which is led Jeff Bezos, who also owns the Washington Post, lost $1.41 Billion in 2000 and that offset their minimal income for years. Would Hillary and the NYT say Bezos paid no taxes and did not support government activities?

Solar City and Tesla, which are owned by one of the heroes of the left Elon Musk, have never made a profit and therefore never paid income taxes and they are also heavily subsidized by the taxpayer. Where are the media stories ripping Musk for not supporting the government?

If anyone wants to look at pure abuse of the income tax system they should look at what President Obama did for GM in 2009. We not only bailed out GM to the tune of $50 Billion, Obama gave GM an exemption from income taxes on their next $45 billion of income for up to twenty years. Why doesn’t Hillary bring that one up as she campaigns in states with auto facilities?

The New York Times has had some financially troublesome years. Do they voluntarily pay income taxes when they lose money or do they carry back and carry forward the losses? That is all Trump did and it is pathetic that the Times would do a hit piece on what is and what should be a legal practice.

Can the New York Times find any company or individual that had a loss thatdidn’t use the loss to offset income taxes for years? What about Buffet when he was a major shareholder of US Air?  I bet they can’t find any.

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