Comment on Trump’s Speech

Donald Trump has just concluded his acceptance speech at the 2016 Republican Convention. I thought that one of the best acceptance speeches of all time. The conservative commentators I listened to agreed with me that it was at least very good.

None of the other Republican candidates could have come close. Also, as many Senior Republicans stayed away from the Convention out of spite, I think it befitted the convention not to have them there. I didn’t miss Jeb whoever at all.

The best testimony to the speech’s greatness came from MSNBC where Rachel Maddow had to mention David Duke and Chris Mathews was even more angry and deranged. That behavior clearly indicates that Trump hit it out of the park and the  Dems are in panic mode.

The panic mode is because their candidate can’t possibly deliver such a speech. She is weak, shrill, and frail, and, frankly, she has nothing to say.

I think Trump has changed the Republican party and will change the country, all for the good.


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