103 RBIs at the Break and Didn’t Make Starting All Star  Lineup. 

​You know how much I love baseball, but sometimes it drives me nuts. Here’s one:  Imagine belting 25 homeruns and 103 RBI at the break, and NOT making the all-star team.  That’s what happened to Detroit’s Hank Greenberg in 1935.  Instead, Lou Gehrig (11 HR 51 RBI) and Jimmie Foxx (13 HR 50 RBI) were selected.   Greenberg considered it a snub, and when he was selected in 1938 as a starter, he declined the invitation.   He went on to hit 58 HR that season.  And the 103 RBI at the all-star break is STILL  a record.   Way to go Hank.

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