Christie’s Motivation. It’s Very Clear

Chris Christie is a ruthless politician who thinks only of himself and his quest for the White House. This motivation has now been shown in two  events.

The first was in September 2012 when he fell to his knees in front of Obama on a New Jersey Beach after Sandy, making Obama appear to be a leader in a time of crisis. His oleaginous embrace just six weeks before the election propelled Obama to a narrow victory over Mitt Romney.

Christie’s motivation was clear. He wanted no incumbent in the White House running in 2016 so he could.  He tanked his partie’s candidate to preserve his own ambition.

He has done the same by endorsing Donald Trump. Christie is hoping that  Trump loses to Hillary Clinton. He knows Rubio, Cruz or even John Kasich would beat Hillary in head to head elections They lead in polls now. In those elections, Hillary yes or no will be the issue, and Hillary will lose. In a Hillary-Trump election, Trump is the issue and he loses.

All of this is to preserve Christie’s path to  the White House. He cares nothing for the Country or for the Republican Party. He is all about Christie, all the time. It’s actually very sad, as he is so awful that he’ll never get to where he wants to go, and that’s the good news.

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