Shumer’s 543 Day Delay

This post follows the theme set yesterday Here on Senator Shumer’s actions in 2007.

This past Sunday on This Week with the former Clinton enabler, the odious Senator Chuck Schumer instructed us in course to be followed in connection with the replacement of Justice Scalia on the Court: “Well, the job, first and foremost, is for the president to nominate and for the Senate to hold hearings and go through the process. You know, the Constitution, Ted Cruz holds the Constitution, you know, when he walks through the halls of Congress. Let him show me the clause that says president’s only president for three years.” The former Clinton enabler let Schumer’s instruction stand without any of the variety of challenges that might be made on the merits.

At Mediaite, Alex Rodriguez calls attention to one challenge that applies specifically to Schumer: “Schumer took the exact opposite stance nine years ago, going out of his way to bluntly tell the George W. Bush administration that he would filibuster any Supreme Court nominee they put forward in the next two years because he didn’t care for the ideology of his previous two nominees.” Rodriguez posts the video below from Schumer’s speech to the American Constitution Society, no less, and dryly observes: “This speech was delivered July 27, 2007. So Schumer – who now balks at the idea of a 300-day delay in appointing a Justice – would have been perfectly okay with filibustering a Supreme Court nominee for 543 days.” Curt Mills makes the same point at the Examiner, as does Ed Morrissey at Hot Air and others elsewhere. It can’t be made too often.

Quotable quote: “I will do everything in my power to prevent one more ideological ally from joining Roberts and Alito.”

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