Trumps Second Major Mistake, the Debate

Donald Trump is leading Republican Presidential Polls due to his alpha male, fearless approach that says ” I can beat them all, and have no fear.” It resonates because Obama is not an alpha and seems to fear most world leaders. The contrast appeals to voters.

Donald Trump has shown the white feather. A civil war term for soldiers who turned and tan, showing white tail feathers, so to speak. The reason for his deciding to turn and run from the prospect of facing Megan Kelly of Fox News. The candidate says he is doing so because she asked him a tough question before with the suggestion she may do so again. The question she asked at an earlier debate was about Trump’s having made sexist statements. He had!

The reason this is Trump’s Second Major Mistake is that he tries to show himself as the toughest guy in the campaign. He says, for example, that he will build a great fence on our southern border and make Mexico pay for it. That’s tough. Now I suspect the Mexicans will simply laugh at him and we know he will back down. This is his self-made disaster.

The full impact of this will not be seen immediately as true believers will cling to his slippery, sinking side for a while, but not forever. The full impact will hit when voters realize that he ran away from a woman who may ask a tough question again.

Compounding his problem is that he continues to demean and impugn Megan Kelly’s obvious talents as a journalist. She is a lawyer and excellent journalist. His efforts further reduce his stature.

Trump’s first big mistake was having Sarah Palin endorse him.

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