Palin Endorses Trump, His Biggest Error

I have been surprised at Donald Trumps success as a presidential candidate and his continued improvement as a candidate. His message resonates with many who are dismayed by the state of the nation. He is smart and his authoritative demeanor is what is being sought by many voters.  He is the alpha male who seemed to have the nomination “in the bag.”

By allowing and probably seeking Sarah Palin’s endorsement, he is showing a tone deaf ear to the voters. Palin’s appearance and her statements were awful for his campaign. He will now be tied to a polarizing character and it can only prove damaging.

This action is a response to Ted Cruz’s rise in popularity. Still, the Iowa caucus is not a clear indicator of probable success in the race for the nomination. Many Iowa winners are ultimate losers in that race.

I must admit that I once admired Palin and attended her acceptance speech at the St. Paul convention. She was electric. With the passing of time so has her luster. Trump has embraced Palin or vice versa, and voters will now be confronted by the suggestion that  a vote for him may be a vote for her as Vice President. The effect will be damaging to Trump.

This is his first big mistake and may well propel Cruz, Rubio, the surging Kasich or a steady Bush into the lead. I just don’t like Christie for his Sandy statements that won an election for Obama. Nevertheless, Trump is now tied to Palin and that will make all the difference. Moreover, this endorsement at this time was not necessary. It was his first big mistake.


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