The Iranian Deal and Munich Compared. Both Disasters

The US and Iran are about to conclude an agreement that allows Iran to build nuclear weapons and recover its $100,000,000,000 currently impounded in various banks. The US has caved in to Iranian demands on every point the negotiating leverage is all American as we are infinitely more powerful and held all the cards. Iran has expressed its intent to destroy Israel and promote Jihad throughout the world and the US is now abetting that ambition.

At Munich, Neville Chamberlain was dealing from a weakened position and remembered the 1,000,000 dead British soldiers from World War I, just 23 years earlier. Hitler’s position was that he wanted to annex Germanic populations in the Sudetenland portion of Czechoslovakia. He expressed no further ambitions.

Britain, unlike the US, was in no position to fight the Germans at the time as the Germans had re-armed and there was no will in Britain for a war. World War II in Europe began almost a year to the day from the signing of the Munich Agreement that Chamberlain said would bring “Peace in our time.” We will have to see what happens with Iran but, if we take the Mullahs are their word, it will not be good.

There is no excuse for this agreement and US motives must be questioned.

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