Global Warming and The Corruption of Science

Dwight Eisenhower warned about the dangers of undue influence of government money in the Military/Industrial Complex and sugggested that the same influence could be felt in the government/scientific complex. The article below, (see link), describes the numerous threats of great and horrible consequennces from so called catastrophes resulting, for example, from acid rain, radon, DDT, plutonium, ozone hole, lead, fracking, second hand smoke, ocean acidification, vaccines, global cooling, and finally, global warming. Many of us remember the horror DDT caused, yet, after millions have died from malaria due to its being banned, the World Health Organization has removed the ban and now allows its use. The US government has not followed in this as to do so is to suggest that the “settled science” was wrong. If “settled science” was wrong on DDT, and the other “calamities,” it could be wrong on global warming.

The alarmist community, a combination of government that wants to take more control over people, science that wants to continue the billions of dollars funding “research” on the subject, and industry that wants billions of dollars to subsidize inefficient and unnecessary “green” industries. The war on coal, a hold over from the acid rain scare, is a example of this. The absurdity of this is Nancy Pelosi’s plea that “we stop using fossil fuels and use more natural gas.” Of course, natural gas is a fossil fuel, but details and accuracy don’t matter to the alarmist crowd. What matters is the continuing flow of government money to spurious research and inefficient green industries.

Science is a imperfect study. There are many scientists who object to the alarmist claims but they are struck down by the alarmist community that has no interest in debate or peer review, the classic method of proving a scientific principle. An example of this is Roy Spencer’s aricle in “Remote Sensing,” a Swiss Journal. Such was the outrage for this blasphemy, that the. Editor was forced to resign. Galileo would have been hung by this crowd, Einstein may have just gone back to his job at the pateht office. Richard Linzen of MIT, Tim Ball, author of the book, “The Deliberate Corruption of Climate Science” have been hounded by the alarmists and groundless lawsuits have been filed to silence them. They are acting as whistle blowers and are serving a very important function.

Curiously, even with a gullible media feeding the frenzy, the public, the ultimate jury here, is not buying the alarmist nonsense as common sense shows that there is no global warming or, if there is, it’s not harmful, and what’s so bad with temperatures rising another degree this century? We may even recover from the Little Ice Age and get close to the salubrious climate of the Rennaissance. People even notice that there has been no warming for over 15 years and the last winter was horrible. Facts such as that will win the day. For example, when the fear mongers say that the West Antarctic Ice sheet is melting and sea levels will rise three feet, smart people analyze the amout of ice involved and state that there just is not enough water there. If the Ice Sheet melts, which is doubtful give average tempuratures of -49 degrees, sea levels will rise 2.7 microns! Facts will win the day in this battle and the people who say Climate Change is important are less then 4% of the population. Until then, we will spend billions of dollars on faulty computer models, kill millions of birds with wind and solar power installations, (a farmer was fined heaviiy for shooting a Bald Eagle, but wind power is killing them regulary), and paying ever higher utility bills to accomodate the climate alarmists. Remember, if you are still scared by CO2, that that it is less than. .0004% of the atmosphere and it is essential for life on earth. Remove green house gasses that create our “Goldilocks Zone” climate, and you have Mars.

The article “The Corruption of Science” by Norman Rogers, that I’ve linked to below says it all and must be read by thoughtful people like you.

Articles: The Corruption of Science.

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