Malaysia 370, Did the Pilots Die in a Fire? The Occam’s Razor Solution (updated)

Although the theory here is interesting, the sighting at 6:15 AM in the Maldives, two hours behind the Straits of Malacca, means the plane would have been flying for 8 hours up to that point. Also, it only takes four hours to fly the distance. So two hours are not accounted for. Also, the plane made the left turn from the Beijing course and that turn was not done on an emergency basis as it was programmed into the flight computer. A pilot made the “good night” comment after the turn and was not distressed.
So I am back to the original theory Here. This one is gaining popularity.

But this story is still interesting. I wonder how many more interesting stories we will read tomorrow.

The latest, and I must say, compelling for Occam’s Razor reasons is the theory that the plane turned from its original course to Beijing because it was looking for a place to land due to a fire in the nose or cockpit. The theory has it that the fire was caused by a nose wheel that overheated on the long take off run in Kuala Lumpur and burst into flame when retracted. This has happened before. Pilots would immediately upon noting the smoke and flames, turn for the nearest airport. Pilots are said to always be aware of the nearest airport for just such emergencies. 

The turn to the left or West, took place, but the fire intensified, killed the pilots and who know who else, and the plane, then over the straits of Malacca, was pointed south of the southern tip of India, four hours away.  With the plane in turmoil, the pilots and more dead, maybe with the cockpit door bolted closed, it just flew on. This occured about 1:30AM.

What makes this plausible is the story this morning that a fisherman in the Maldive Islands (West of the southern tip of India) saw a white jumbo jet fly over at low altitude at 6:15AM. Flight time from Kuala Lumpur to Male, Maldive is 4 hours, 29 minutes. The time matches. (UPDATE: The time doesn’t match. The Maldives are two hours behind Kuala Lumpur))

This is appealing for Occam’s Razor puposes because it doesn’t require nefarious plots, secret airbases, Uyghurs, Al Queda, pilots killing pilots and the rest of the story we have heard so far. All that is required is a calamitous fire, pilots overcome, and a plane that can fly itself. All of that is present here. Maybe we should be looking 500 miles to the west of the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. It the easiest answer so far.

NOTE: Occam’s Razor says the simplest answer is often the correct answer.

2 thoughts on “Malaysia 370, Did the Pilots Die in a Fire? The Occam’s Razor Solution (updated)

  1. Thanks, Clark. FOX News now reporting however that the co-pilot’s (last) message of “All right. Good night” was made/sent AFTER the plane made it’s u-turn.

    So…???? Hope you’re doing well.


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