Malaysian 370,Where Can It be? There Are 634 Answers!

I posted Here on March 13 that the missing airliner is somewhere between Northern Pakistan and Northern China. I now suggest that the evidence indicates that the plane left its course for Beijing, flew west and picked up the route from Kuala Lumpur to Calcutta or New Delhi and followed that course, one that would not alarm anyone, and then departed near Bangladesh to enter central Asia. I has landed and is in one piece, if the landing was successful.

That raised the question of how many landing strips there are within the 777’s range that could accomodate such a landing.
In this post from WNYC and the Telegraph, Here it is suggested that there are 634 such landing strips within the planes range. Open the link, read down to the map. It doesn’t answer any questions, but does add evidence to the hijacking theory as it makes the end game almost limitless. 

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