Declining Solar Activity Leads to Global Cooling

In today’s Powerlineblog post here, John Hinderaker details the results of a Danish study on the climate, most precisely, the decline in solar activity that is approaching 200 year lows. Supporting this news is the recent record cold in Minnesota as reported in the MinneapolisStartribune. I live there and when one speaks of record cold in Minnesota, that is something to take note of.

Where the climate change alarmists can’t point  to any increase in “Global Warming” for the last fifteen years, this sort of information is certainly causing them concern.  The Star Tribune article mentions that International Falls set a record for cold on December 15 with -32 degrees, That’s below zero Farenheit.

The weakest solar max in 200 years was reported by the Royal Observatory of Belgium is shown grapically here. What must be noted that these are real facts not computer generated projections for the climate change delusionists who continue to hold on to the myth of man made climate change for their philosophical, economic and political purposes. Even at the worst, all those projections did was return us to the Medieval Maximum temperatures that were enjoyed during the Renaissance, a glorius and salubrious time in history. 

This article goes on to describe other factors as well that lead to the conclusion that "As time goes on a link between decreasing solar activity and the halt in global warming 17 years ago becomes harder and harder to deny."

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