Pearl Harbor; A US Navy Report From December 1942, One Year After

As a Navy veteran, I receive notices of articles of naval significance. Here is one that reports on the effects of the Japanese attack and the fleets’ ability to recover from the disaster. Of note is that only one ship, the USS Arizona was the only ship that was permanently lost to the fleet. This is due to the shallow water of Pearl Harbor where “sunk” ships could be righted, refloated and repaired. 

This article appeared in US Navy Publications of December 7, 1942 that can be seen Here. I found this to be very informative and a tribute to the enormous recuperative power of the Navy.  I imagine this ability and resilience is still there. I experienced this recuperative ability when I was on a ship with a fire near aviation gas storage tanks. We were just below the equator in the Indian Ocean, and nothing earns gratitude faster than the damage control teams that put it out!!

Read this article for a final view of Pearl Harbor from a strategic point of view. Even the Japanese high command recognized that they would enjoy a temporary advantage from the attack and the advantage would not hold up over time. 

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