Prime Time Sports, Second Day.

The first panel Dave Andrews, Commissioner of the American Hockey League, Steve Angel, NBA official, George Daniel of the Lacrosse League, Brian McKenna of the ECHL, and ToOm Wright of Mixed Martial Arts.
Each discsussed their leagues. Of note is Angel saying that officials do make mistakes, and that rule are vague and subject to interpretation. They follow trends and examine each play. (Hard to do, I would think.) Blown calls that impact outcome of the game, are tweeted! Says people on fan panels are very poor at picking block/charge fouls. 80% think their team is right.

Tom Wright now talks about league transparency and officiating.

everyone concerend about in park attendance and fan experience. This is the big issue for these guys as most fans are not hockey fans, says, McKenna. The enhanced fan experience is the big issue.

Brian Burke, Never give away tickets and discounts must not be at a level that offends regular customers. Also, “teams should not market their individual players, they should market the team as a whole; leagues can market stars.” There is wisdom here. Burke is one of my favorite executuves, smart, decisive.

All agree ticket prices are issue, but people pay. Try to get people into seats by puck drop. try to get fans engaged to make noise. (I hate the artificial “Make Noise” notice on the big board.) But also need to give fans VIP access to media in the arena.

Need to keep in park attendance relevant and we will discuss this in the next panel.

Burke and Pistore pick up trash in arenas. Smart move. By the way, I always picked up bottle caps to keep fans from slipping on them!!!

Social Media Panel, Joe Ross says that people are addicted to phones. Expect to have information immediately. Player trade, for example. Dr. Petouhoff says that need to monetize in-park social media and improve in park experience. MORE Need wireless in stadium because people want to use phnes in the park. Won’t go to game if phone doesn’t work.

McCauley says attendance means dollars from social media. Social media puts people in seats hence more revenue. Live in game hash tags etc. a media show to augment the fan experience.

Maychak says everyone needs to tweet etc. All exec tweet etc and are connected.
Social media allows tracking behavior and then benefitting the appropriate behavior.

Students won’t go to games without being able to facebook!!!! Must be able to track social media to get full benefit.

Monetize social media. ROI, awareness/interest/considerataion/purchase/loyalty/advocacy/referrals–repeated own customer data and behavioral data. Drives sales concessions/merchandise.

Need to have content aggregated in one place! How do you do this, I might ask. The young crowd is texting not Facebookincug etc. Create VIP club on social media, give them points for proper behavior. Send coupon for concessions sales. How about that.
customer data. If 1% of baseball fans participate, $80,000,000 increase in revenue.

Brian Burke, If we don’t curse when we speak, players don’t take it seriously.

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