Obamacare’s Dismal Debut from “The Onion”

The Onion announces the launch of Obamare’s program on 35 floppy discs for a computer with at least 8mb of free Ram and a monitor with 320X200 resolution, “Or the program will not display well.” The government assured users, saysThe Onion,that the program could be loaded within 4 to 5 hours and if there was a problem users could just hit F1 for Help.

A link to the story is here and is a moment of humor derived from a stupendous government failure that has the potential to damage tens of millions, if not all, Americans.

Democrats have been instructed to stop using the term “Obamacare” and refer to the failed program as “the Affordable Care Act” so as not to besmirch Obama’s name by conjoining it to “the Affordable Care Act,” that, as the few people who have signed up have discovered, is not affordable.

This should help those people who still believe that Obamacare is about providing healthcare and who haven’t recognized that Obamacare is about controlling healthcare, while rationing its use. Stay well, as they say.

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