MLB Trade Deadline Decisions

The MLB non-waiver trade deadline is nine days awaý. A team’s decision making process depends on its position now. If a team is well below  .500, any trade that helps the team long term must be made. That means a  good player must be traded for a collection of players that will help next year and the years that follow. A team has an obligation to do this and that means, if the right trade is offered, for example, the Twins must trade Justin Morneau, but only if they get the right players, hopefully pitchers, in return.
If a team is realistically in a position to win the division, it must make a deal that aids that pursuit. For example, the Tigers are a closer from assuring it wins the AL Central and must give up the player or players to get that closer.
Ultimately, the decision is based on scouting reports and that is the ultimate test of an organization. A team’s scouts are the most important asset it has and the trades that occurr now are based on those reports.
This is a very tense time for teams and the decisions made are of maximum importance. I look forward to reading the news and watching the results. 

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