Cubs Threaten to Leave Chicago; Such Nonsense

A Chicago Tribune article today said that the Cubs may leave Chicago and Wrigley Field. This is such nonsense that it needs to be examined. The Ricketts family that owns the Cubs is taking the risk of severing the ties that bind the people of the North Side to the Cubs so that the team remains popular eventhough performance is poor. The Cubs are currently last in the National League Central with a 11-16 record, 5 games out of 1st after one month of the season.
Here’s the link to the Chicago Tribune article.

3 thoughts on “Cubs Threaten to Leave Chicago; Such Nonsense

  1. I am a Sox fan and have always been jealous that the Cubs get all the love. The Sox will struggle to draw 2 million and the lowly cubs will draw at least three. No justice. I do sympathize with the Ricketts and their struggle to obtain City of Chicago approval for their privately financed renovation plans. The loudest objection from the Lakeview neighborhood appears to be from the roof top viewing buildings on Sheffield and Waveland. Their view will be partially blocked by two new “jumbotrons” in left and right field. What parasites! They have no right to steal the Cubs product. Let Wrigley renew!

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